Is AMP Good Or Bad For Website Designing?

In recent years, AMP has been used by many companies. The main reason for this is its amazing features which allow web designers to create an amazing looking site without having to spend a lot of time and money. However, there are pros and cons to both AMP and non-AMP.

When a web designer uses AMP for website designing, he has to pay much less than when he uses non-AMP. This is because AMP is free to use and it gives a lot of benefits to a web designer.

One of the best advantages of using AMP is that it is easy to customize websites and blogs that use AMP. As mentioned earlier, AMP is free and anyone can use it, so there are no restrictions on customization and it can be easily customized to suit all sorts of needs.

Another advantage of AMP is that he does not have to worry about a lot of things when creating a blog or a website. Unlike HTML, AMP is not a lot complicated and requires a lot less technical knowledge and skill for website designing.

Also, since the amp is very fast, web designers do not have to wait for a long time before they can publish their blog posts. They can simply publish their articles directly to their websites and then wait for their readers to come to their website.

Is AMP good or bad for website designing
Is AMP good or bad for website designing

Furthermore, as soon as a website is created using AMP, it does not take a lot of time to update the content on it as well as to create web pages. So a web designer will not need to do that a lot.

Finally, if a web designer decides to use AMP for his website design, he will not have to deal with any technical problems as he would have to deal with HTML. He will not have to deal with any technical problems at all.

So, when a company decides to use AMP for website designing, it will save a lot of money, time, and effort, and it will also help web designers and web publishers to make websites that have better search engine rankings. as well as generate more traffic on a website.

Now, the bad thing about this technology is that if a web designer decides to use AMP for website designing, he has to give up a lot of features that are included in the technology. For example, one of the most popular features of AMP is that he has to add a ‘Flash’ to the pages. Some web designers do not like Flash because it takes a lot of their time and also, it can be annoying for visitors to visit websites that have Flash.

Many web designers also do not like to deal with this technology because they think that it will cause many problems to them. especially for web publishers.

Moreover, for some web publishers, they think that it is a waste of time to use this technology because there is no way that they can improve the page load time on their website by using this technology. When using AMP, the web publisher will need to add a lot of extra code to the pages of the website to make them load faster and to make the pages look better. So this is not a solution to speeding up websites.

There is a solution to all these problems by using an AMPHP plugin. This is the only technology that is made specifically for website designing. So, if a web designer wants to start working with a new website that uses AMPHP, he can use the plug-in and create a blog or a website and publish it with just few clicks of a button.


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