An Artist is someone who is involved in a specific activity relating to the art of making art, practicing the art of drawing, painting, playing music, or showing off a particular art form. The usual use in academic discussion and everyday speech is an artist in visual art only. Although many artists are visual artists, there are some whose talent is in a variety of different arts such as sculpture, painting, pottery, photography, and cinema.

There are many fields that are associated with art. Some examples of these fields are:

Art is an ever-changing field. It is always evolving and becoming more refined to suit the growing demands and tastes of the masses. As an example, a piece of artwork made centuries ago may be considered old fashioned and irrelevant today, and a piece of artwork created many decades ago may still be relevant today. So, when we talk about Art we do not mean a particular work of art but the way of thinking behind the works.

The importance of Art is seen in different aspects. For instance, it is not just an artwork, but it represents the artist, the craftspeople, and the industry. The art form is therefore very much connected to the industry and the people associated with it. Art is important because it is part of our culture, but also because it provides a platform through which we can communicate ideas and thoughts.

Art has now become one of the most dominant forms of communication in our society. The use of Art in our daily lives has grown tremendously over the past several years and it has been attributed to the impact of mass media, which is often seen in the world of art.

In modern times, Art has also come a long way. We can see different artists from all around the world producing art that has achieved international recognition. Art forms vary from traditional to contemporary and have a wide range of forms including; figurative paintings, sculptures, paintings, photography, paintings, drawings and films.

Art is also very important for the environment and for the health of humans and our society. The use of Art is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly ways of creating and conserving the environment and improving our health. Art creates a social bond between humans and nature. We live in a society that is very much dependent on technology and the world around us has to be changed to accommodate this, so changing our way of life to improve the environment becomes extremely necessary.

Art has come a long way, and it continues to evolve in our day to day life. It is for this reason that it is often used as a catalyst in helping to change a society’s view of itself.

Art is not only for art enthusiasts. It can also be used for marketing purposes. Art gives us something to look at and gives us an outlet to express our views.

Art is a form of creativity. A form of expression in many cases and people are able to express themselves in ways that they never have before. For example, if we look at graffiti, we will see that it was a form of art.

Another example of art is a picture or sculpture of a person that has stood out in history. It may be that of a famous person who has been remembered for all the wrong reasons. The person may be remembered as a villain in history, a lover, a rapist, a terrorist, a politician, a child abuser, a celebrity and a thief.

All of these images are works of art. These are the works of an artist and have stood out in time to give us insight into the personality of a person who has shaped the world in which we live.


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